Program Committee

Program Chair: Lixin Dong (Michigan State University)
Program Co-Chairs: Avik Ghosh (University of Virginia)
Li Zhang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Workshops Chairs: Zhan Yang (Soochow University)
Patrick Hopkins (University of Virginia)
Jayasimha Atulasimha (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Supriyo Bandyopadhyay (Virginia Commonwealth University)
Tutorials Chairs: Esta Abelev (University of Pittsburgh)
Susheng Tan (University of Pittsburgh)
Shuai Zhang (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Chairs of Tracks

DNA Nanotechnology
Chair: Haitao Liu (University of Pittsburgh)

Chair: Xiaoning Jiang (North Carolina State University)
Co-Chair: James B. Spicer (Johns Hopkins University)

Chair: Yajing Shen (City University of Hong Kong)
Co-Chair: Ruiguo Yang (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

Chair: Chunqi Qian (Michigan State University)
Co-Chair: Liangliang Chen (Michigan State University)

Nanoelectronics: Devices – SET, RTD, QD, Molecular
Chair: Stephen Goodnick (Arizona State University)

Nanoelectronics: Memristors
Chair: Yiran Chen (University of Pittsburgh)

Nanoelectronics: Graphene and other 2D materials, CNTs and NWs
Chair: Feng Xiong (University of Pittsburgh)
Co-Chair: Chen Wang (UCLA)

Nano/Molecular Heat Transfer & Energy Conversion
Chair: Jung-Kun Lee (University of Pittsburgh)
Co-Chair: Zheng Fan (UCLA)
Co-Chair: Zlatan Aksamija (University of Massachusetts-Amherst)

Nanomanufacturing and Nanoassembly
Chair: Mostafa Bedewy (University of Pittsburgh)

Chair: Wei Wu (University of Southern California)
Co-Chair: Walter W. Hu (University of Texas at Dallas)
Co-Chair: Paul Leu (University of Pittsburgh)

Chair: Lianqing Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Co-Chair: Qing Shi (Beijing Institute of Technology)

Nanomaterials: 2D Atomic Crystal Materials
Chair: Chuan Wang (Michigan State University)
Co-Chair: Jinshui Miao (Michigan State University)

Nanomaterials for Energy
Chair: Tzahi Cohen-Karni (Carnegie Mellon University)

Nano-Metrology and Characterization
Chair: Virginia Ayres (Michigan State University)
Co-Chair: Bo Song (Michigan State University)
Co-Chair: Shuai Zhang (Pacific Northwest National Lab)
Co-Chair: Jinhui Tao (Pacific Northwest National Lab)

Chair: Roy Chantrell (The University of York)

Chair: Pulugurtha Markondeya Raj (Georgia Tech)
Co-Chair: James E. Morris (Portland State University)
Co-Chair: Katsuaki Suganuma (University of Osaka)
Co-Chair: Chris Bailey(University of Greenwich)

Chair: Pao-Tai Lin (Texas A &M University)
Co-Chair: Kaikai Xu (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

Chair: Weidong Zhou (University of Texas, Arlington)
Co-Chair: Liang Dong (Iowa State University)
Co-Chair: Qing Gu (The University of Texas at Dallas)

Chair: Hong Koo Kim (University of Pittsburgh)
Co-Chair: Nanrun Zhou (Nanchang University)

Nanorobotics and Automation
Chair: Zhan Yang (Soochow University)
Co-Chair: Haibo Yu (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Nano Sensors and Actuators
Chair: Li Zhang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Co-Chair: Xinyu Liu (McGill University)
Co-Chair: Yongliang Yang (Michigan State University)
Co-Chair: Steve Tung (University of Arkansas)

NEMS and Micro-to-nano-scale Bridging
Chair: Wen Li (Michigan State University)
Co-Chair: Max Zenghui Wang (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)

Modeling and Simulation of Nanostructures and Nanodevices
Chair: Jean-Pierre Leburton (Beckman Institute for Advanced Science& Technology)

Chair: Supriyo Bandyopadhyay (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Special/Invited Tracks/Sessions

Physics and Applications of Quantum Rings
Chair: Vladimir M. Fomin (Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research (IFW) Dresden)

Nanomaterials: Nanodielectrics
Chair: Michel Fréchette (Hydro-Québec)

Chairs of Late News papers
Avik W Ghosh (University of Virginia)
Huamin Li (University at Buffalo)
Ho-yin Chan (City University of Hong Kong)